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Lambley Nursery Perennial Catalogue




While we receive lots of kind compliments for our range of plants few that we offer receive the same scale of effusive praise as Dowdeswell's Delphiniums!

Dowdeswell’s Delphiniums is a family owned Delphinium nursery in Whanganui New Zealand that is recognised worldwide for their superb breeding work. Plants raised from their hand pollinated seed are much better than cheaper strains such as Pacific Giants or Magic Fountains. Dowdeswell’s delphiniums have all the beauty of the best English varieties and are soundly perennial and will give joy for many years to come if their few wants are satisfied.

Dowdeswell’s delphiniums are repeat bloomers and make exciting cut flowers. They are best planted in a well drained position in full sun. Plant 90-100cm between plants. We offer strong flowering size plants. These dormant plants are deeply frost hardy, ideal for planting now to maximise growth and available only while stocks last.

These good strong well-grown plants will be supplied in their winter dormancy with vigorous new shoots ready to emerge. Read more about Dowdeswell’s Delphiniums









We grow a lot of clematis here at Lambley and it’s hard to imagine the garden without them. Don’t be tempted when you see Clematis flowering in the big hardware stores as they really are best planted from now. They aren’t difficult to grow once the cultural differences of each type are understood. Mind you, all need a good depth of soil to be happy and a good dusting of lime helps if like us your soil is acid. Clematis prefer a sunny or lightly shaded spot in the garden and are not bothered by frosts. Most varieties need some extra summer irrigation too. Our Clematis are very competitively priced and available only while stocks last.

Supplied in their winter dormancy for best establishment Read more about Clematis







The Dreamaria sea thrift varieties are the result of a ten year long breeding program by one of Australia’s leading nurseries. Lambley is proud to have been appointed the sole mail order distributer of these remarkably beautiful new plants. The Dreameria series will grow happily in both coastal as well as inland areas so a superb alternative to ornamental alliums for milder regions lacking the frosty weather that Alliums prefer. Read more about New Armeria (Sea Thrift) Varieties





Many plants tolerate shade but may not flower freely in that position. Heucheras have such dynamic and interesting foliage that they make up for the lack of flowers with their extraordinarily diverse colours and textures. Recent breeding work has brought some startling new cultivars to the fore. Read more about HEUCHERAS