Lambley Gardens & Nursery, 395 Lesters Road,  Ascot,  Victoria 3364
Phone +61 (03) 5343 4303,  Fax +61 (03) 5343 4257

Lambley Gardens and Nursery

David Glenn and Criss Canning's Gardens and Nursery are world renowned as a benchmark in beautiful sustainable gardening. The complex of gardens are an inspiration to visitors from around the world and a must-see for anyone planning a garden in the Australian climate. Plants we offer are frost hardy to minus five unless we note otherwise in the description.

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“Lambley Nursery, an amazing plant nursery in central Victoria, renowned for an incredible array of dry climate plants”
Georgina Reid, The Design Files, May 2016

David Glenn, a genius of a plantsperson who gardens and runs Lambley Nursery on Central Victoria’s hot windswept plains.”
Tony Fawcett, Herald Sun ‘Home’ Magazine April 2016

“Central Victoria’s climatic excesses are just the kind of challenge nurseryman David Glenn relishes.”
Kirsty McKenzie, Australian Country Magazine. May 2016

“The garden is a rich tapestry of colours, textures and flowers and is located in the dry plains of Central Victoria, at Ascot, about an hour and a half north-west of Melbourne.”
Costa’s Garden Odyssey

“David Glenn’s display gardens are picture-perfect in all four seasons, despite the fact that they’re watered only about four times a year”
Jane Canaway, The Weekly Review, March 16, 2016

“Through his friendship with nurserymen around the world, Glenn sources botanical treasures and trials them in his severe climate before their release at the 4ha garden”
Holly Kerr-Forsyth, The Australian, March 2016

“The Dry Garden showcases species that thrive with low rainfall, but that display a lush tapestry of colour and texture.”
Holly Kerr-Forsyth, The Australian, March 2016

"Just wanted to congratulate you on making these superb lettuce seeds available to the home gardener!! The 'Green Butterhead' Lettuce variety has been superb and we have picked from one planting of three plants for many weeks.  Red Butterhead – have picked leaves rather than the whole plant and like the green butterhead have produced for weeks. A very attractive and tasty addition to salads. Red Crisp and Green Crisp have also been magnificent"

Ken Fogden

"In the small town of Ascot, Australia, the harsh climate inhibits many gardeners, but at Lambley Nursery and Gardens, plantsman David Glenn has worked with the weather to create a flourishing garden."

Morning Calm, In-Flight Magazine, Korean Air, February 2017