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David Glenn's Garden Notes

Garden Notes From 2016

I can’t say that I enjoy eating pumpkin but my wife, children and most of my grandchildren do so I generally grow a patch each year. In the past I’ve sown seed that Lambley imported from the USA. The advantage of this seed was its early maturity. Read more about Growing Pumpkins

I was recently asked by a fellow gardener whether the lettuce varieties that we sell at Lambley are F1 hybrids. The simple answer is no. There are no F1 lettuce varieties as far as I know and seed collected from these superb modern varieties will grow true to type. Read more about Buy Vegetable Seeds Online

Every week I pick a basket full of vegetables for our Ballarat children and grandchildren. Read more about A basket full of vegetables

I’m often asked by visitors to the garden why their poppy seed hasn’t germinated. Read more about How to plant poppies

Occasionally, very occasionally in gardening reality comes close to the dream. A flower border made up of a mixture of shrubs, perennials, bulbs, climbers and annuals growing together cheek by jowl is so beautiful that even I, the garden’s fiercest critic, am besotted by it. Read more about Self-sown flower seeds

I only started growing spider flowers, Cleome hassleriana, two or three years ago although on the rare times I’d seen them growing in other people’s gardens over the years I was always smitten. Read more about Spider Flowers

Arum concinatum

The true Arums are a race of great beauty and with one exception are unlikely to ever become a problem in the garden. The genus suffers from being confused with Zantedesia aethiopica, the big white, often weedy lily wrongly called by florists and gardeners alike as the Arum Lily. Read more about The True Arums

Garden Notes From 2015

Turkey is such a rich source of plants for Australian Gardens and such a source of fascination for plant people. The following images represent many of our favourite Turkish species but is by no means an exhaustive list of all we grow here. Read more about Turkish Plants for Australia

The planting in our Mediterranean garden is three years old and looks pretty good at the moment. Archibald’s form of Salvia sclarea is as amazing as ever. The seed for this particular strain was collected in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey thirty years ago by Jim and Jenny Archibald. Read more about Mediterranean Gardening in Australia