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Zucchini, Button Squash 'Sunburst' F1 (Cucurbita pepo)

Zucchini, Button Squash 'Sunburst' F1 (Cucurbita pepo)

Yellow Button Squash

'Sunburst has been the growers standard for many years which produces high yields of bright yellow glossy fruit with lightly scalloped shape. The fruit are produced on a bush type plant and recommended picking size is about the diameter of a 50 cent piece. Fruit should be picked every day during harvest season. A reliable high yielding variety and adapts to all major growing regions. 



When to sow: September - November

Where to sow: Direct or in pots
Depth to sow: 2cm
Aspect:  Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.
Soil:  Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil. Add   lime if soil is too acid.
Spacing: Between plants: 90cm; Between rows: 150cm

Directions:  Direct sow seed into the garden during November or under cover during September in 10cm pots to plant out in November. As zucchini make large plants give them a good 90cm between plants and 150cm between rows.


Treated Seed

Packet 10 seeds
$6.25 each