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David Glenn's Garden Notes

Garden Notes From 2015

Turkey is such a rich source of plants for Australian Gardens and such a source of fascination for plant people. The following images represent many of our favourite Turkish species but is by no means an exhaustive list of all we grow here. Read more about Turkish Plants for Australia

The planting in our Mediterranean garden is three years old and looks pretty good at the moment. Archibald’s form of Salvia sclarea is as amazing as ever. The seed for this particular strain was collected in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey thirty years ago by Jim and Jenny Archibald. Read more about Mediterranean Gardening in Australia

Fritillaria spetsiotica

I first saw Fritillaria rhodocanakis blooming in Otto Fauser’s Olinda garden forty years ago. The flower was so extraordinarily beautiful it has haunted me ever since. Read more about A Haunting Fritillaria from Hydra

Words can hardly describe how beautiful two parts of the garden are at the moment. (They’ll be even more beautiful this weekend, the 15th and 16th August) Five years ago I planted a few dozen bulbs of Iris ‘Harmony’ in a garden bed near the car park. Read more about Garden Harmony

Many visitors to our garden admire our rhubarb beds and we are often asked why our plants have such red stalks whereas their stalks are more often than not green. Sadly most rhubarb plants sold in the big box stores, gardens centres and chain stores are raised from seed. Whilst this means the plants are cheap to buy they will more often than not produce poor plants. Read more about Rhubarb Fool

This cool winter has been wonderful for working in the garden. It has been a good time to attend to those tougher tasks long-delayed through the warmer months. On those rare days when the wind and rain has been simply too bitter we have retreated indoors to the warmth and comfort that good cooking provides. Read more about Winter recipes

I took a basket of ‘Red Light F1’ onions to the Frangos Brothers’ Greek restaurant in Ballarat yesterday.  I wanted to find out what Terry Frangos, who uses a lot of red onions in the hundreds of Greek salads he makes every week, thought of this variety. I got a text today from him. “Fantastic, Good Flavour. Great centre and good colour.” Read more about This week in the Vegetable Garden

One of the great joys of mid-winter in my garden is the flowering of a patch of a winter aconite, Eranthis cilicica. Within a week of the aconite pushing through the soil surface in early July this precious plant is in full flower. Rich lemon chalices are surrounded by a ruff of dissected leaves bronze tinged at first but soon becoming deep glossy green. Read more about Winter Aconite and other jewels

In the past I’ve always direct sown poppy seed but over the last year or two I’ve been sowing some into 5cm tubes and planting the seedlings out when Read more about Poppies

In the early 1960s I lived in Malaya and travelled from Singapore to Ipoh on the west side and from Johor Bharu to Kota Bahru on the east. Read more about Every Grain of Rice