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Salvia ‘Crimson Belle’


Salvia ‘Crimson Belle’

Pretty Crimson Sage

The horticultural world is the richer for the sterling work that Lyndi Garnett has done in promoting the genus, Salvia. She is always generous with her knowledge. This beautiful Salvia was raised by Lyndi who gave Lambley a plant to trial a few years or so ago. ‘Crimson Belle’ is a seedling of the superb Salvia ‘Penny’s Smile’. It carries beautiful crimson flowers from quite early in the spring until late autumn. In our garden it has grown 120cm tall by as much across. Bees love the flowers although as the flower’s lower lip is pressed tightly against the flower’s upper lip both honeybees and native blue banded bee pierce the corolla tube near its base to access the nectar.

This plant is not in our current range and is provided here for customer information only.