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Nigella hispanica 'Midnight'

Nigella hispanica 'Midnight'


An excellent cut flower as well as a great garden subject. During autumn, late winter and early spring direct sow seeds 1/2 cm deep or sprinkle seeds on the garden and keep moist until they germinate.



When to sow: July-October
Where to sow: Sow direct in the garden
Depth to sow: 1/2cm
Aspect:  Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.
Soil:  Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil
Spacing:            Between plants: 25cm

Directions:  Sow seed 1/2 cm deep or just sprinkle the seed straight into the garden at three weekly intervals, from July until October. Height 50cm spacing 25cm.

Packet 30 seeds
$5.00 each