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Herbs, Dill ‘Dilligence’ (Anethum graveolens)

Herbs, Dill ‘Dilligence’ (Anethum graveolens)

A new improved slow bolting variety with an upright growth habit which can be planted the year round. Dilligence replaces Hera. It’s one of our favourite herbs. My wife uses it in her spinach and fetta cheese pie, for stuffing whole fish, broad bean salads, and many other dishes.


When to sow: Spring to autumn
Where to sow: Direct in a drill in a prepared bed
Depth to sow: 5mm
Aspect:  Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.
Soil:  Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil. Add   lime if soil is too acid.
Spacing: Between plants: Thin to 5 to 10cm; Between rows: 30cm

Directions: Keep seed well watered until it germinates. We don't recommend growing in a seed tray and transplanting.

Packet 200 seeds
$4.50 each