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Corydalis ‘Blue Line’

Corydalis ‘Blue Line’

Syn. Corydalis ‘Courie Blue’
Blue Crested Lark

Corydalis reflexa was so rare that the gardens had it under lock and key in a no go area when I visited the Edinburg Botanica gardens 40 years ago. I was one of the first Australians to see a blue Corydalis. I was fortunate enough to be allowed into this area and was to browse through an extraordinary collection of the rarest of the rare alpine plants. Since then blue corydalis have become much more readily available.


Corydalis ‘Courie Blue’ is a hybrid between C. flexuosa and C. elata and is more vigorous than either of its parents. It flowers here at Lambley in light shade from October until March. The deep electric blue, white throated flowers are carried on 40cm tall upright reddish stems on low mounds of green ferny leaves. Best grown in light shade it makes a delightful pot plant for a shady court yard.