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Agapetes serpens

Agapetes serpens

Himalayan Lantern

This exceptional shrub is worth a pride of place in any suitable garden. It makes a tangle of long arching stems clothed small but attractive glossy green leaves.

“The branches are hung with smoked salmon-coloured buds, luminous when the low winter sun strikes the silvery hairs. On opening, the buds inflate into a Chinese lantern shape that highlights the dark orange chevron pattern to the petals and the five petal tips in creamy white flare out.”

This beautifully written description is from the Cambridge University Botanic Garden blog. Coming as it does from Himalayan forests, Agapete serpens needs a position away from hot winds and whilst reputed to be drought tolerant it does need to be kept moist during dry periods. It will grow 60cm tall by 80cm across.

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