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The American Smoke Tree

This outstanding tree which is rare in its native US habitat is even rarer in cultivation as it is so damned hard to propagate. It can be found growing wild in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama and Tenessee.


During summer the egg shaped leaves have a bluish cast and contrast admirably with the pinkish flower panicles. This is just a prelude to the amazing display of brilliant autumn colour during May when the leaves are a blaze of pink, orange and scarlet. The autumn display lasts longer than any other tree being in full splendour for nigh on a month.

The American Smoketree produces some of the best if not the best autumn colour of any of the native American trees and shrubs. It will grow up to 8 metres tall (generally less in Australia) and 5-6 metres wide. Best grown in full sun and whilst it is drought tolerant a little extra summer irrigation will help.