Lambley Gardens & Nursery, 395 Lesters Road,  Ascot,  Victoria 3364
Phone +61 (03) 5343 4303,  Fax +61 (03) 5343 4257

History and Future

David: Criss and I bought “Burnside” and its attached 30 odd acres just over thirty years ago. At the time it was a neglected property. Making the garden and bringing the 1860’s bluestone farmhouse back to its former glory over the past thirty one years has been a task that has given us a huge amount of satisfaction and nourishment.

I’ll be running the nursery and maintaining the gardens until the new custodian takes over.

Lambley Nursery and “Burnside” is for sale


Criss: We never thought the day would come when we would make the decision to leave our beautiful home and property, and the much loved Lambley Nursery and Gardens.

Thirty one years here , creating what has become a much loved destination for so many of you. The place where I have drawn inspiration for my paintings, surrounded by the beauty both inside and outside at ‘Burnside’.

This place has been loved by our family and friends and so many of you too. We hope that it will continue to nourish, and offer the peace and happiness to the new owners as it has to us.