Lambley Nursery,  “Burnside”,  Lesters Road,  Ascot,  Victoria 3364
Phone +61 (03) 5343 4303,  Fax +61 (03) 5343 4257

Welcome to Lambley Nursery and Gardens

David Glenn's Lambley Nursery and Garden is set around an old farmhouse in the hot dry wind swept plains of the central Victorian Goldfields. Lambley's Dry Garden featuring frost-hardy plants requiring very little watering is world renowned as a benchmark in dry climate and sustainable gardening.

The extensive Organic Vegetable Garden features trial beds for vegetable and flower seeds. Lambley's complex of gardens are an inspiration to visitors from around the world and a must-see for anyone planning a garden in the Australian climate.

Visit Lambley's Inspirational Drought Tolerant Summer Gardens as seen on Better Homes & Gardens Open from 9 to 5 everyday

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"[David] Glenn has the wonderful knack of being able to blend these drought-tolerant newcomers, from places like Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and Marrakesh, with more traditional favourites..."
The Weekly Times

“Happiness is unpacking a box of plants from Lambley!”
Susan B.

“Lambley is a must-see for obsessive plant-aholics and anyone needing inspiration for gardening in Australia’s hot and dry climate”
Better Homes and Gardens, March 2014

“David Glenn was the first to show me that it is possible to grow the most triumphant border...without supplementary watering.”
The English Garden

“From a landscape seared and parched by the fierce Australian sun, David Glenn and his wife have conjured a fertile garden of bravura borders.”
House and Garden (English Edition)

“ is one of the best examples of gardening with perennials there is, anywhere in the world.”
New Zealand Gardener

“The huge palette of rare but garden worthy plants you have featured on the DVD is food for the soul to serious gardeners...”
Simon Rickard

“I was just so impressed by the immaculate packing, everything was in brilliant condition because of the care you had taken.”
G.S., Macclesfield

“The perennials in this stunning garden are deep-watered only three times a year.”
Paul Bangay - Paul Bangay's Guide to Plants

“... it is hard to believe a garden can look so good with virtually no supplementary water.”
Better Homes and Gardens

“I loved the quiet stories in these beautifully photographed DVDs being enacted over the seasons in David Glenn’s Garden.”
Bob Graham

“Wandering through this garden is like viewing a series of pictures painted with plants.”
Your Garden

“...Lambley, David Glenn's extraordinary nursery at Ascot.”
Helen McKenzie - The Australian, February 12, 2011

“.... an artistic composition of colour and shapes.”
Australian Women’s Weekly