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Lambley Winter/Spring Bulbs


Winter/Spring Bulbs are listed from Boxing Day 2018 for delivery from late summer 2019

Bulbs will not be available from the nursery before late February 2019



These varieties start to flower later than most tulips and extend the season by an extra two or three weeks.

These bizarre tulips have curling, twisting, fringed, ruffled petals. They do well in the garden and are very popular with flower arrangers and artists.

These tulips have grown and flowered in the same spot in the Lambley garden for up to 20 years without lifting. Even small bulbs flower well.

Wild tulips don’t need to be lifted each year. I plant them 15 cm deep in well drained soil with a handful of lime added to each square metre. If your soil isn’t acid like mine obviously you don’t need to add lime.


Bulbs from the Winter/Spring list will be listed from Boxing Day.