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Tomato, Capsicums & Eggplants Seedling Orders


Mid August is a good time to sow tomato seed as large plants can be grown for planting out into the open garden during mid to late November.

Lambley has an active tomato trialling program. Our aim is to find varieties of tomato with good to excellent flavour combined with a strong disease resistance package.

This year we will again grow strong tomato plants in 15cm pots for pick up from the third weekend in November. Given reasonable care two or three plants will keep a family in fresh tomatoes from January until May. Whilst a dozen of the Roma Katya F1 will fill your larder with tomato sauce and passata to feed a tribe.

This year Lambley will grow capsicums and eggplants in 15cm pots for pick up at the same time as the tomatoes.

Our catalogue lists selected capsicum and egg plant varieties which will produce good crops in home gardens.

It is important to Pre-order now. As advanced vegetable plants are so hard to post we can only take orders for pick up at the nursery. It is important to complete the attached order form to secure your preferred varieties now.

Order forms may be emailed, posted, faxed or phoned through (phone Mon to Fri only)

All tomato plants will be $10.50 each.

Download Seedling Order Form

This is the only Australian source of the latest in professional capsicum, eggplant and tomato plant breeding. As always, strictly no genetically modified seeds are used.