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2018 Spring Catalogue


We have just released our brand new 2018 Spring catalogue. Highlights include a stunning range of Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis) including the much sought after Phlomis purpurea ‘Alba’, exciting new releases and many other plants including Salvias that featured in our gardens in recent years and have been the subject of countless inquiries.

With warmer days and the first good rains in some parts that have missed out the season is looking good for spring gardening with drought hardy perennials so prompt ordering is encouraged to avoid missing out on your preferred selections.

Please note that our plant selection is much wider however, see our full plant selection here.

If you are having issues with viewing the catalogue below in your browser, please right click the link and click "Save As" and save the catalogue to your computer. You can then view it in Adobe Acrobat or another pdf viewer.