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Drought Tolerant Gardening DVD - Summer


During the hot dry months of summer David takes us on a journey through his garden passionately sharing the skill and knowledge he has gained through a lifetime of gardening.

The gardens at Lambley are incredibly beautiful and colourful even during the hottest and driest days of the torrid Australian summer. This is due to the fact that David has chosen plants from all the summer dry climatic areas of the world, from Central Asia to Chile, Mexico to Morocco, California to South Africa, the Canary Islands to Kashmir and all the wild dry places between.

David shows us how a dry climate garden can be full of colour and excitement and provides detailed information on how to get the best display from your plants.

Summer DVD samples

This DVD, which forms part of a series covering all of the seasons, is remarkably filmed and shows the inspiring garden at Lambley Nursery in all it vibrant glory.

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"I loved the quiet stories in these beautifully photographed DVDs being enacted over the seasons..." Bob Graham Award Winning Children's Author

"I found your deep knowledge of each plant's history, botany and cultural needs, plus your insights on how best to use it in the garden, both fascinating and extremely useful." Simon Rickard Author of 'The New Ornamental Garden'.

Duration - 88 minutes

Copyright warning: The digital video disc is licensed for home use only. Any unauthorised copying, editing, exhibition, renting, exchanging, hiring, public library lending, public performances, diffusion and or broadcasts without the permission of the producer is strictly prohibited.