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Lettuce, Iceberg 'Bernadinas' (Lactuca sativa)

Lettuce, Iceberg 'Bernadinas' (Lactuca sativa)

Solid hearted Iceberg suited to cropping year round except for January, February and July.

Pelleted seed


When to sow: Year round

Where to sow: Seed trays, pots or direct sow

Depth to sow: 5mm

Aspect: Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.

Soil: Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil. Add lime if soil is too acid.

Spacing: Between plants 20cm Between rows 30cm


Directions: Plant 3 seeds every 20cm in rows 30cm apart. Thin to one seedling after the first true leaves appear. Or plant 2 seeds to a 5cm pot or 2cm apart in seed trays and plant out when big enough. Lettuce seeds germinate best at or below 20C.