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Lettuce, Baby Leaf 'Encore'

Lettuce, Baby Leaf 'Encore'

A mix of stunning colours, textures and shapes. Includes green and red oakleaf, green and red cos, Lolo Rossa. Can be grown year round and cut several times. Plant 60 seeds 1/4cm deep, per 30cm in 15 m wide bands. Can be harvested in 30 days; a little longer during winter.


When to sow: All year round.

Where to sow: Sow thinly in a 10cm wide band 60 seeds per 3cm.

Depth to sow: 5mm

Aspect: Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.

Soil: Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil. Add lime if soil is too acid.

Spacing: 10cm wide band 60 seeds per 30cm. Between rows 30cm


Directions: Plant thinly in 1/2cm deep drills. Lettuce germinate best at or below 20C. Harvest when leaves are 6 to 10cm tall.

This plant is not in our current range and is provided here for customer information only.