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Delphinium ‘Purple Passion’

Delphinium ‘Purple Passion’

Purple Passion

We grew these perennial New Zealand bred Delphiniums in our garden last year and visitors were besotted by their beauty. Their immense spires grow up to 180cm or more tall and are amongst the glories of the horticultural world. They will flower from November until the end of April. We will include full cultural notes with each order. We cut these to the ground when the first flush of flowers is over and within a few weeks we are rewarded by more columns of luxuriant, deep purple flowers with a white eye. It needs good garden conditions in full sun with some summer irrigation. 180cm x 90cm. Pot grown plants.


These good strong well-grown plants will be supplied in their winter dormancy with vigorous new shoots ready to emerge

We apologise that this plant is currently sold out.