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Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Purity’

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Purity’

‘Purity’ is a tall white flowered variety selected from the ‘Sensation’ strain. From seed sown in situ during spring ‘Purity’ will make 100cm tall by 70cm wide plants topped by a profusion of large pure white flowers from early summer until autumn.


When to sow: September-October-November

Where to sow: In situ or in individual pots

Depth to sow: 1/2 cm

Aspect: Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.

Soil: Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil.

Spacing: Between plants: 30-50cm



Directions: Plant seed 1/2 cm deep into their permanent position in the garden when the soil warms up. September in mild districts, November in cold districts. Seed can also be planted individually into a 5cm or 7.5cm pot in early spring and planted out when the weather warms up. A succession of flowers will be produced from January until April. They are a good cut flower as well as a superb garden plant.

Packet 100 seeds
$5.50 each