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Clematis x jackmanii ‘Piilu’ PBR

Clematis x jackmanii ‘Piilu’ PBR

Syn. 'Little Duckling'

‘Piilu’is a beautiful small growing Clematis suited to small as well as large gardens.

We are excited to be offering this new Clematis variety which has only recently been imported into Australia. Unlike most of its kin this variety flowers from the top to the bottom making for a spectacular display. Its large amethyst blooms have an eye catching deep purplish red paint stroke along each petal. During spring the flowers are fully double while late blooms are more likely to be single. One of the strengths of C. ‘Piilu’ is its habit of producing flowers from spring until the autumn without a break. Bred in Estonia in the far north of Europe. To 1 metre


Height 2 metres spread 1 metre

Pruning Group 2