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Clematis x jackmanii ‘Mrs James Mason’

Clematis x jackmanii ‘Mrs James Mason’

A compact growing clematis suited to both pot and garden culture ‘Mrs James Mason’ has 12-15cm violet-mauve flowers with a deep pink stripe in the centre of each petal. This clematis prefers to be given a light trim during winter and not cut down too hard. The actors Clarissa and James Mason were keen clematis growers and were customers of the Peveril Clematis Nursery in UK county of Devon. The couple had a fondness for white flowers and the nursery named a white clematis seedling ‘James Mason’. Later Clarissa saw a mauve- violet Clematis and the nursery rather quaintly or rather old fashionedly called it ‘Mrs James Mason’.


These are deciduous plants shipped in their winter dormant state

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