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Carnation ‘Jeanne Dionis'

Carnation ‘Jeanne Dionis'

Chabaud Jeanne Dionis

These French heirloom carnations which date back to the 19th century have fully double frilly flowers, some 4-5cm across, with a delicious sweet spicy clove fragrance. Occasionally single flowers will be produced. Growing some 60 to 70cm tall they will make wonderful cut flowers. Best sown in individual small pots during late winter or early spring or direct sow mid-spring. Flowering starts mid to late summer. Beautiful pure white carnations.


When to sow: Late winter or early spring

Where to sow: Direct sow or in pots

Depth to sow: 6-8 mm

Aspect: Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.

Soil: Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil. Spacing: Between plants: 20-30cm


Directions: Plant seed in situ or in pots during late winter or early spring for flowering the following spring. This strain flowers for a good three months and makes an excellent cut flower. Height 60cm width 30cm. 50 seeds for $5.25

Packet 50 seeds
$5.25 each