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Beetroot 'Touchstone Gold'

Beetroot 'Touchstone Gold'

The best golden beet with smooth yellow fleshed roots. Excellent sweet flavour, the colour is retained when cooked.


When to sow: August until early March

Where to sow: Direct sow in a garden bed

Depth to sow: 1cm Aspect: Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.

Soil: Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil. Add lime if soil is too acid.

Spacing: Between plants 10cm Between rows 30cm


Directions: It’s always best to sow beetroot seed straight into its permanent position in a prepared garden bed. Plant the seed about 1 cm apart and 1 cm deep and cover with fine soil. Thin to 10cm apart. If seed is planted sparingly there is really no reason to thin the seedlings out. I start pulling roots when they are quite small, 2cm in diameter, and this is all the thinning needed.

This plant is not in our current range and is provided here for customer information only.