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Asian Greens, Tatsoi

Asian Greens, Tatsoi

Makes a compact rosette of dark green smooth leaves for salads and stir fries. 21 days baby leaf 45 days full size. Slow to bolt if planted from late spring until mid-autumn. Sow seed 1cm apart for baby leaf and thin to 15-20cm apart for full size.



When to sow: August until April
Where to sow: Sow 1cm apart for baby leaf and thin to 15-20cm for full size.
Depth to sow: 5mm
Aspect:  Full sun or as sunny a spot as possible.
Soil:  Prepared, well drained, fertilised soil. Add   lime if soil is too acid.
Spacing: 10cm wide band 80 seeds per 30cm; 30cm between rows


Directions:  Harvest when leaves are 10cm tall for baby leaf and when rosette forms for full size.

This plant is not in our current range and is provided here for customer information only.