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Anemone ‘Dreaming Swan’

Anemone ‘Dreaming Swan’

Dreaming Swan Windflower

These new wind flowers are considered to be amongst the most outstanding perennial plants to be released this century. Raised by Scottish nurserywoman, Elizabeth McGregor, these plants stay where they are planted and don’t spread like Japanese windflowers. They also start flowering earlier and bloom longer. You can expect the first flowers around Christmas and the last well into autumn. All of the Swan Series need “rich and fertile soil which does not become too dry.” Dappled shade would be best in all but higher rainfall hills gardens.


‘Dreaming Swan’ is the most compact of the three but has the large white blue backed flowers which are single early in the season but later produces large semi-double flowers. 60cm.



This plant is not in our current range and is provided here for customer information only.