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Lambley Nursery Lilium Catalogue


Our supplier of lily bulbs imports new bulbs from Holland every year. He then acclimatises the bulbs in his nursery field. His stock is grown in a different new field each year. The bulbs are clean and healthy and of a very good size.

David Glenn inspects the growing lilies during summer to make sure they are up to a standard that Lambley Nursery demands. Sadly many lily bulbs sold in Australia are affected by virus and other diseases or the bulbs are very small.

Dutch lily growers maintain clean stocks of lilies as they are such an important international cut flower crop. Lily bulbs are exported from Holland to flower growers the world round. These bulbs are grown to a very high quality.

Lambley is proud of the quality of our lily bulbs. They are second to none.

These shorter growing beautiful lilies are the most outstanding choice for cut-flowers. They have little to no fragrance so are perfect for those with a sensitivity to strong smells. Their upright flowers appear around Christmas time.

Orientals are the largest and most flamboyantly flowered of all lilies and also the most fragrant. Flowers are produced during January and February on strong, tall multi-flowered stems. A vase will fill a house with their intense fragrance. Orientals are easily grown and are the most heat tolerant of all lilies.

OT lilies are also known as Orienpet or Oriental x Trumpet Lilies. They are hybrids between the huge flowered Oriental Lilies and the Christmas Lily, Lilium longiflorum. Both parents are fragrant.
OT Lilies are tough and have great disease tolerance. They have become one of the most popular of all commercial cut flowers. Picked as the first bud starts to unfurl they will last a fortnight in a vase.

These are the pure white trumpet lilies that fill florist’s shops during December. Easily grown, quick to increase and fragrant, they have been vastly improved by Dutch bulb breeders over recent years and we offer two of the best varieties.

Tango Lilies are a new type of Asiatic lily bred in Holland using Lilium ‘Latvian Promise’ as a parent. Originating in Latvia this upward facing lily’s heart is densely covered with dark speckles and brush strokes. This dark colouring contrasts with the vibrant colour of the flower tips. All Tango lilies have 80-100cm tall stems and are very easy to grow.

The old orange Tiger Lilies have been a mainstay of Australian gardens since goodness knows when as they are so tough and obliging. These new selections are just as tough but come in exciting new colours.

Trumpet Lilies

These are a fairly new strain of Lilium hybrids and are a cross between the L. longiflorum forms and the Asiatic hybrids hence the LA. Easily grown with larger, longer lasting flowers than the Asiatics, they make superb cut flowers and good garden plants. All the varieties below are self-supporting and flower during late spring and summer. Plant the bulbs 12cm below the soil in a sunny fertile spot. The following varieties are from healthy stock and are a good size too.