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‘Zeppo’, A Superb New Beetroot

‘Zeppo’ is far and away the best beetroot variety that we’ve grown at Lambley. From seeds which were direct sown on the 24th of August we started pulling golf ball size baby beets in early November. These roots were round and smooth with a fine tap root and excellent colour throughout.

From the same sowing we pulled and cooked ‘Zeppo’ every week from November until the 25th January. The last roots were huge, weighing in at 700grams each, but still, when cooked, had good colour throughout with no zoning and were tender with no hard core.

‘Zeppo’ has fewer embryos per seed than other beetroot varieties and doesn’t need thinning. It is also exceptionally slow to bolt. To be honest it has never bolted here at Lambley no matter when we sow the seed.

Rijk Zwaan is a Dutch family and employee owned seed company which has its Australian headquarters in the Victorian Central Highlands hamlet of Musk where extensive research is carried out. Extensive seed production activities in Musk and surrounds support the local and overseas markets.

Cooking Beetroot at Lambley.

  • In a saucepan cover the beetroots with cold water and bring to a boil. Turn heat to simmer. Don’t add salt at this point.
  • Simmer until the roots are tender with no crunch but not flabby. This can take from 20 minutes for small beets and up to 90 minutes for very large ones.
  • When cooked take off the heat and whilst running each one under cold water slip the skin off and cut off tail and the rough top.
  • Small beets can be just cut in half or quarters but large beets are cut into 2cm or so dice.
  • Whilst hot add salt to taste and then just enough balsamic vinegar to coat the beets. Toss until coated.
  • Add extra virgin olive oil and toss again.

Let the flavours amalgamate for an hour or two before serving.

As long as you toss the beets every so often this dish will keep outside of the fridge for two days.