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Waterlily Cultivation

Waterlilies are best planted in 20 or 30cm pots to control their growth. Place a couple of sheets of newspaper into the bottom of the pot to stop soil leaching out. Holding the waterlily rhizome in the centre of the pot you should then three quarters fill the pot with heavy soil. At this point the tip of rhizome should sit 3cm above the soil level, Insert a good table spoon of slow release fertilizer into the soil. Cover the soil with 2cm of course sand or fine gravel and then add a 2or3cm layer of gravel, give the pot a gentle watering to settle everything down and place into a pond, a dam or a container.



Waterlilies need at least six hours of sunshine a day to flower well and more hours would be better.


Waterlilies don’t enjoy growing in running water nor being splashed by fountains.


In the description of individual varieties there are recommended water depths over the crown. Smaller waterlilies are the best varieties to grow in containers.