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Planting Dutch Hybrid Tulips

These wonders of the horticultural world, the culmination of four hundred years of assiduous breeding by generations of Dutch growers, aren’t difficult to grow as long as a few simple rules are followed. Bulbs despatched from late February through to early April.

1) Plant the bulbs from mid-March until, at the latest early May.

2) Unless you live in tropical or coastal areas north of Wollongong don’t put your tulips in the fridge. Keep them in a dry shed, protected from rodents, until you have time to plant the bulbs.

3) Plant 10-15cm deep i.e. the snout of the bulb should be 10-15cm below soil level.

4) Plant in a spot which isn’t shaded during late winter and spring. A few hours of shade a day won’t be a problem.

5) If you have bush rat or other rodent problems put some rat bait under a plastic pot with part of the side cut out to let the rodents feed but not pets or birds. Put a brick on top of the pot.

6) When in flower go out into the garden three times every day.