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The death rate amongst babies and young children of the Central Highlands gold diggers was very high during the middle decades of the 19th century. Most diggers couldn’t afford gravestones and planted flowers, including Ixias, on their children’s graves. In the past you could find mass displays of these wonderful South African bulbs in local cemeteries but since the advent of Roundup many of these bulbs have been wiped out.

 At Lambley we have tried to maintain stocks of many different Ixias which we’ve saved from herbicide.

As spring deepens the whole garden is exploding into flowers. The rich colours of the Ixias, with their origin in South Africa, have been prominent this week.

Ixia maculata Ixia dubia Ixia 'Moonspot'
Ixia maculata Ixia dubia Ixia 'Moonspot'
Ixia maculata with Euphoriba nicaeensis Ixia 'Castor' Ixia 'The Giant'
Ixia maculata with Euphorbia nicaeensis  Ixia 'Castor' Ixia 'The Giant'
Ixia 'Blue Bird' Ixia hybrids Ixia 'Mabel'
Ixia 'Blue Bird' Mixed hybrid Ixias Ixia 'Mabel'