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Dowdeswell’s Delphiniums

Dowdeswell’s Delphiniums is a family owned Delphinium nursery in Whanganui New Zealand that is recognised worldwide for their superb breeding work. Plants raised from their hand pollinated seed are much better than cheaper strains such as Pacific Giants or Magic Fountains. Dowdeswell’s delphiniums have all the beauty of the best English varieties and are soundly perennial and will give joy for many years to come if their few wants are satisfied. Dowdeswell’s delphiniums are repeat bloomers and make exciting cut flowers. They are best planted in a well drained position in full sun. Plant 90-100cm between plants. We offer strong flowering size plants that we usually release in the Australian mid-winter as that is without doubt the best time to plant them.

They are fully frost hardy and may even benefit from a winter freeze.

They are not difficult to grow provided their few needs are met. Growing Delphiniums Well

1 Plant in deep well drained soil in a sunny spot.

2 Add a hand full of garden lime per square metre if soil is very acid.

3 Make sure the pot is well watered before planting. Don’t plant if the root ball is dry.

4 Tease the roots out a little. It takes a full year to grow a good sized Delphinium in the nursery so roots will be congested.

  5 Plant a little deeper than the soil level in the pot.

6 Immediately after planting protect from slugs and snails by a) Placing snail bait around the plant. b) Circling the plant with cold wood ash. c) Dusting the area around the plant with garden lime. This will dry out the skin of the snails and slugs.

7 The flowers stems of these grand Delphiniums need staking.

8 Remove spent flowers stems to encourage another flowering.