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Criss Canning's 2013 Sydney Exhibition

Criss Canning lives and paints in an 1860s blue stone farmhouse north of Ballarat where she and her husband, David Glenn owner of Lambley Nursery, have created an internationally renowned garden. Flowers from the garden are a major inspiration in her paintings.

Savill Galleries in Sydney have now hung Criss Canning’s 2013 exhibition and her paintings can be viewed at their gallery located at 156 Hargrave Street, Paddington, NSW, 2021. The gallery hours are Tuesday to Friday 10 - 6 and Saturday 11 - 5.

David Thomas, in the just published third revised edition of his monograph on Criss Canning, writes “In Canning’s paintings, form and intricate detail harmonise with colour in all its minutiae of subtle shifts, creating those melodious designs that give music to her art. It is the music that is seen, not heard, echoing the beauty of the world around us and touching upon the infinite. By capturing the beauty of flowers in paint, Canning has outwitted the transience of Nature. Beauty has not only been transcended, it has been transformed into something that time does not wither.”

Images of Criss’s latest exhibition can be found at Whilst her work reproduces beautifully it isn’t until you see the original paintings that you realise just how amazing Criss Canning’s work is. Criss Canning’s Savill Galleries exhibition will be opened by David Thomas on Wednesday the 13th November and the third revised edition of book will be available at the opening.

Come along and see some incredibly beautiful paintings and meet the artist. Criss will also be in the gallery from 11am until 5pm on Saturday the 16th of November and will be happy to sign the new revised edition of David Thomas’s book Criss Canning; The Pursuit of Beauty. The book is superbly published by Macmillan Art Publishing and has an extra chapter from Thomas as well as fifty additional Canning paintings illustrated in full colour.

More than 40,000 people went to the major retrospective, showcasing forty years of Criss Canning’s paintings and drawings, held few years ago at the Ballarat Art Gallery and the Mornington Regional Gallery in Victoria. Anyone who has a love for beautiful paintings should see this show.Criss Canning: The Pursuit of Beauty


Criss Cannings  new book " The Pursuit of Beauty", 3rd Revised Edition, featuring many of her paintings from the 2013 exhibition is available now in a strictly limited print run. This large format art book has an extensive new chapter by David Thomas and more than forty new paintings, many from the upcoming 2013 exhibition at Savill Gallery, beautifully presented in a hardcover attractive format. Click here to View and Order