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Chilean Bellflower Lapageria rosea

Lapageria rosea grows in forests on the coastal mountains of southern Chile where it climbs through the lower branches of trees and shrubs. The flowers are extraordinarily beautiful 8-10cm long waxy pendulous bells.

The Chilean bellflower must be grown in the shade in humus rich soil which is never allowed to dry out. Protection from hot winds is also advised. They should be tied to a stake or entwined around low branches.


Good quality plants are rarely offered in Australia as lapagerias are both difficult to propagate and slow to make a saleable plant. We have limited supplies of excellent 3-4 years old plants available in two colours, crimson and white.


A limit of one plant per colour per customer.

Crimson flowered Lapageria rosea $65.00 each

White flowered Lapageria rosea var Alba $65.00 each