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Melon, Watermelon ‘Little Baby Flower’ F1

Melon, Watermelon ‘Little Baby Flower’ F1

Exclusive to Lambley, this is the smallest watermelon I’ve ever grown. For gardeners in colder regions who thought they could never grow watermelon this is their opportunity. It only is 15cm in diameter and weighs about a kilo when ripe. It takes a mere 70 days to ripen (as opposed to 110 to 120 days for many older varieties) from a mid-November planting. Seed can be planted up until the end of December and fruit will still ripen. In warmer coastal areas seed can be planted in early October.


Lambley has successfully grown all of the melons listed in our vegetable garden in the Central Highlands of Victoria. They are all short season melons that will grow and ripen in our own garden which is 400 metres above sea level with frosts from April to November. They all have a superb flavour.


Grow them in two ways:

1. Plant one seed per pot in October in a warm indoor spot. Plant out after the last frost in a spot protected from wind. A plastic tree guard may be used. Harvest in February.


2. Plant two seeds directly into the garden in November. Thin to one plant when the first leaves appear. Harvest these in March.

This plant is not in our current range and is provided here for customer information only.